A tool for interpreting simplified-model results from the LHC

Federico Ambrogi, Sabine Kraml, Suchita Kulkarni, Ursula Laa, Andre Lessa, Veronika Magerl, Wolfgang Magerl, Doris Proschofsky, Jory Sonneveld, Michael Traub, Wolfgang Waltenberger

Thu Feb 23 2017: SModelS v1.1.0 is now available for download:

smodels-v1.1.0patch1.tgz (includes the v1.1.0patch1 database)

Additional tarball containing the converted fastlim database:

smodels-v1.1-fastlim-1.0.tgz (untar it in the smodels-database directory)

For convenience a .bib file is provided with the code containing all relevant references.
Likewise, a .bib file is provided in the database folder with references to all the ATLAS and CMS analyses used.


SModelS is based on a general procedure to decompose Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) collider signatures presenting a Z2 symmetry into Simplified Model Spectrum (SMS) topologies. Our method provides a way to cast BSM predictions for the LHC in a model independent framework, which can be directly confronted with the relevant experimental constraints. Our concrete implementation currently focusses on supersymmetry searches with missing energy, for which a large variety of SMS results from ATLAS and CMS are available. The main ingredients are

SModelS-v1.1.0 reference

Original SModelS paper

Code and Database updates

SMS dictionary

An SMS dictionary explaining the Tx names used by SModelS can be found at SMS Dictionary

List Of Analyses

Publications and Talks

See the publications and talks page

SMS wishlist

A wishlist regarding the presentation of SMS results was worked out at the 2013 Les Houches workshop, see this page.

For developers (internal)

Developers please visit the DevelopersPage.

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